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Residential Walls


Our modern fencing & garden wall systems have quickly become the preferred solution for residential walling and fencing needs UK wide. The grand visual appeal associated with brick rendered walls can now be recreated at a fraction of the price. Our cement based panel system, gives the same look & feel of a masonry wall. It’s not only faster, easier and less expensive to install, it visually provides the same high-end appearance. Modular Wall Systems have a perfect solution for any project, whether that’s noise reduction, retaining or a simple garden wall.

Commercial Walls


Our commercial walling systems can be used for noise reduction, retaining or as a simple boundary wall. Using our cement based panel, you can achieve the same grand visual appearance & feel of a rendered brick wall. Noise from busy roads or highways can be a significant hurdle for residential areas, and City Councils are now increasingly requiring developers to mitigate such disturbances. Modular Wall Systems have various wall solutions to offer, using our AcoustiMax™ wall panel, a star performer in sound reduction & ideal for any domestic or commercial project.

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